Game Programmer & Artist

Procedural Content, Technical Artist

Welcome, my name is Yorick van de Haar. I've finished an education on Game Art and Design. After this education I finished a bachelor degree education on Indie Game Development

Passion for:
Physics, Procedural Content, Graphics Programming and Emerging technologies,.

I am often programming allround 3D and 2D Games for a variaty of platforms, programming servers, I can also model technological shapes, make websites and electronic music.

C#, C++, HLSL, Java, HTML, PHP, CSS, MySQL, LUA, Python TypeScript and JavaScript.

Wind/Fluid/Ropes/Cloth/Jelly/Hydraulic physics. Unity(10 years), .NET Core, Windows Forms, Applied Game Technology, Serious games, Android & IOS apps, Web applications

Click on any image or portfolio link to see my work!